One a wise man said that the outside world is only a mirror image of the person's inner world and with the advent of a new man is born a new world. Here lies a huge meaning for everyone who is going to do his business.

Business Secrets. Many people ask about the business secrets, unaware that exactly they are the bearers of these mysteries,and that to guess these mysteries are not so difficult - need only listen to yourself. Almost all the media excitedly shouting to us that own business is risky and difficult. And often we decide to continue living by working for others.

This is the first mistake and mass deception. To build your business, in fact, is not harder than,let´s say, education or in hiring. Any conscientious worker spends his energy and effort not less than the man who builds his business. Then arises the question: why work for someone else? Maybe better to work for yourself? Maybe better to invest your time, your knowledge and your skills in yourself? Let's consider the reasons that stop a man in his movement in this direction:

1) The first mistake in building your business is the lack of specific, clear purpose. It turns out that most of those who failed in business, began to create it without knowing what they really want.How about you,do You know clearly,how should your business look like?

If you want to have your own perfume brand,can you see it with closed eyes? Do you imagine the shape,color of the product, its scent?Do you see the name of it? Do you see the ready product sold on the shelves of beautiful shops?Do you see it? fact,this is your real goal. To build your personal brand - it is a good desire, but the desire - is not a goal! The goal is always clear and not clouded. And than more clearly is it, the higher is the probability of success to achieve it. Another example; note that the machine is getting by those who know most clearly what kind of car exactly he wants. But those who just want a car ... want to continue.

2)The second secret of teh business success is a clear and detailed plan of your actions. Without it, don¨t even hope for success. You need to have a clear plan of what are you going to do today, tomorrow, at the next days on the way to achieving the goal. Every day, every done deal, no matter how small it may seems, you have to focus on it. You must identify all the issues.Necessary to solve specific problems and those ones, which are a mystery to you, and clarify for yourself these questions over and over, until they are no longer remain and until your plan is finished and will clear for you! We confidently declare that the decision of the first two tasks is 50% of your business success. And if you fully clarified the very first secret of business, further steps are only a technical matter.

3)There are a lot of what we don¨t like to do, and that is exactly what we are not very good at it, or does not work at all. The third very important secret to building a successful business is: "Do it as long as it does not turn out"! You can treat to this secret as you wish, but in another way you will never turn unloved to fun. And this, precisely, is a necessary condition for the success of any business, any of our cycle life,and life in general.

4) Do not focus on the failures. Realize that the failure - it's just your assessment of the current situation and no more. What it will turn tomorrow - is unknown. We all learn the world around us and the empirical method includes a method of exceptions: If you failed -this is not a failure, it is a victory. The failure is- the inability to extract lessons from a particular situation.

5)Be aware of the law "actions have consequences" In other words, your ethics should be the basis for building your business. In general, it is not the business secrets. This is business law, which, unfortunately, many times is ignored.So,if you want to build a successful business and if you want to be happy to deal with it, be ethical.

6) Another important secret of business is that no need to treat the money as a goal in itself. Money is only a means and your opportunity to do business but they not decide these things, they do not determine your relationship and your personal strength, abilities ...The money is needed in a life, and they are important - no doubt. But they do not determine the level and quality of your life, but on the contrary- your personal qualities determine their number at your disposal. You'll have them as much as you want for yourself, but only if you will not allow them to "have" you.

7)And the last thing we would like to note is-self-discipline and perseverance.Never stop on achieved. Remember that there is nothing stable in this world, and if you do not start to storming the new vertices, you immediately will fly out from the one on which you are now. Think of new goals, go to them and achieve them! You were rejected? Don´t give up! leave it and then rush to the attack again! This is he only way you achieve your goals. Only this will bring you happiness. The only way you'll find the real friends with which you will build the team of your dreams.

Maybe,you did not find anything new in these secrets. Probably you will not find anything,that you eventually did not know.It is all within you! We just help to remind something important. Believe in yourself, trust in yourself. Throw away all doubt, do not listen to any "well-wishers",do not listen to anyone. Listen only to yourself and do what you are dreaming!

Good luck to you!