Ronzak Art Perfume & Cosmetics - a perfume company, a family property in the first generation, based in Barcelona. The concept is an exceptional skill building brands: fine ideas, a unique method of creative expression, and the display of aromatic ideas set out in the art of product performance. The company is renowned for its privileged forte - observance of innovative design and delicate artistry, executed manually, using Swarovski crystals. The secret of prosperity is contained in the set of brand ownership and licensing rights to projects. Ronzak products has a wide distribution in more than twenty countries around the world. Also Ronzak, being a consulting company, engaged in promotion of brands emerged, providing services to create a literate portfolio for perfumeries.

The main specialization of the organization is the detailed design and execution of new olfactory projects. The Ronzak team gives birth to successful brands, and by high-quality products - from the basic to the most complex structures of art works- have a wide range of consumers. With the world famous Spanish designers and perfumers, the company is bringing unique collections to life. One of them - Ramon Molvizar.

"We adhere to the motto of the corporation: enthusiasm, the team. Implementation. Overcoming challenges, sincerely caring about the quality, we manufacture products. Business success depends on the performance of the customer's request"

Ronzak takes ambitious, talented experts in their field to create successful projects and maintain their images on the world market.

"We are driven by a desire to bring beauty and innovation in the diverse world of perfumery"