• I.

    First meeting to understand and analyse your aims and expectations
  •     II.    

    Olfactive submissions: One to one development with creative perfumers
    • Exclusive creation
  • III.

    Components selection : Bottles, pumps, caps, collars. Price estimation
    • Efficient coordination
  • IV.

    Product presentation : Perfume, artwork, packaging.
    • Components compatibility
    • Project validation
  •     V.    

    Production :Manufacturing and maturation of the fragrance compounds
    • Shorter leadtime
  • VI.

    Quality Assurance : Total components traceability and regulatory conformity.
    • Customer satisfaction
  • VII.

    Ronzak insures the shipment of your production anywhere in the world
  • VIII.

    Designing a new brand according of your expense interest
    • Creating a new perfume brand in the best traditions of Europe
  • IX.

    Full documentary support
    • Registration/declaration of the brand
    • Logistical support
  • X.

    Ronzak team works on the image of your newborn brand and presents it to the world market.
  • XI.

    Our team of professionals supports and trains your employees to know more of olfactive families and marketing issues.