After earning her degree in Chemistry, in 2006, Alice Lavenat studied at the world-renowned fragrance institute, ISIPCA. She also held an apprenticeship with international Master perfumer, Gerard Anthony, who passed along his savoir-faire and passion he instilled in his creations, such as Azzaro and Paco Rabanne. In 2014, it was with great pride that Alice was awarded the French Society of Perfumers’ Young Perfumer Award. This same year, Alice started to collaborate with Ronzak, where she enjoys sharing her inspirations and stories through her of her creation for Ronzak is fragrance of Art&Silver& Perfume by Ramon Molvizar.

"To create the Art and Silver fragrance, I use the most beautiful and refined raw material of perfumery. Each quality of raw material was selected to reveal the richness of this unique fragrance. Art and Silver perfume is a balance between a sharp aggressive side and an addictive warm facet, giving an insolent strength and attractive power to the fragrance"




"Refined yet raw, romantic yet dramatic, Art and Silver fragrance is mesmerizing"

Was born in 1956 in the Sierra Nevada, Granada.

At the age 20 he began studying perfume business,did a lot of traveling around the world, studied philosophy, quantum physics and psychology. Ramon have gained invaluable experience from the masters of perfumery art. In his 35,with a group of the best Spanish designers and perfumers,he started to create unique perfume brands.

The most successful of them all was the brand Ramon Molvizar. Ramon Bejar was creative director of first 13 fragrances which were prodused from 1999 to 2010.

In 2009 Ronzak took the right to distribute Ramon Molvizar fragrances in 15 countries, Ronzak felt the huge potential and the success of the brand, Ronzak suggested Ramon Bejar a mutually beneficial deal, in which Ronzak bought a 100 percent stake in the brand and its production.



"perfume opens our the infinite reality unknown previously"

After studying Chemistry, Guillaume began at ISIPCA. In 1998, faithful to his willingness and desire to be engaged in the world of perfumery, he joined in the promotion of MST ISIPCA’s Bel Aesthète.

In 2000, Guillaume graduated from the legendary school of Givaudan,he was the 2002 winner of the Prix International du Jeune Parfumeur Créateur. and in 2008 became famous for the creation of Ambre Gris fragrance for Balmain brand - a complex, multi-faceted amazing oriental-woody composition built around a sensual sound ambergris. His list of creations is very impressive..

For the Home Ramon Molvizar Guillaume created a fragrance for exclusive line of Art&Gold&Perfume/ 2015




"the perfect product or just emotion"

Diana Rafael graduated from a Music Conservatory,with the status of composer-pianist, composed over of 100 compositions. Works as an art director at Ronzak.

"Music is the greatest art created by humans. Like many great perfumers, I also associate the music world with the world of sense of smell. Working closely with perfumers to create a new scent, I always listen to the harmony or disharmony of chords. It is important to understand the emotional side of scent and of what about it really says.Associating fragrances with musical compositions, for me it is not difficult to achieve the original idea.

I always anticipate the purpose through musical emotional energy. I do not always know in advance the final face of the creation,but I do know,what kind of emotion I want to Invite in next creation.




"life consists of emotions. Each of Ronzak fragrances tells of some sort of emotion, which without life is impossible..."